2016 was a pivotal year for Alorica. The company acquired a competitor and grew to more than 90,000 employees, making it the largest provider of customer experience solutions to the US market and third largest globally. By the end of 2016, Alorica employed 100,000 people in 150 locations.

The rapid growth, combined with common misperceptions of the industry, created a recruitment challenge for Alorica. The company needed to attract a high quality workforce in large numbers --- and quickly, all across the country, to best serve its clients and their customers. 


In order to challenge perceptions and differentiate Alorica as an employer of choice, LEWIS took an ‘on the ground’ approach. The team focused on Alorica’s local sites by setting up face-to-face meetings for Alorica’s head of PR with local reporters. LEWIS also promoted highly successful hiring events, press events and charity partnerships.

Alorica Ken Muche
In each of Alorica's priority markets, the PR team shared the message of the company's commitment to its employee growth and promotion; community involvement; and making the lives of its clients, customers and employees better.


Within a few months, the team noticed the message began resonating with the media. As a result of continued outreach, earned media coverage increased by 33 percent YOY, with 157 million net positive impressions, 159 media hits and 28 interviews.

Just as important, the quality of coverage dramatically increased. Feature coverage told Alorica’s 360-degree story, which helped drive applicant volume, higher quality of candidates and strengthened relations with community groups and government officials. Local example, Greensboro, North Carolina:

  • Within six days of the hiring event, 433 residents applied.
  • Within one month of the event, more than 1,600 locals applied for a job.
  • On average, Alorica tripled the amount of people they expected to hire each week. Given the quality of newly hired employees, Alorica's Greensboro office became one of the top performers in the company. 

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