Intel Security PR Client Case Study

Intel Security FOCUS

FOCUS is the name of Intel Security’s annual conference where the company connects with security experts from around the globe. It’s a prime event for launching products and initiatives. For the 2015 conference, Intel Security had a lot of new things to say. The company had recently been through a brand refresh that was intended to help better communicate the distinction between the company’s McAfee products and the overall Intel Security brand. It was also the first FOCUS event for new CEO Chris Young who was looking to make a good first impression. LEWIS Pulse was given the task of bringing it all together with social media.

In order to connect the new product messaging to the event and help the new CEO shine, LEWIS Pulse worked with Intel’s PR teams and product marketing teams to make sure all players were in alignment. Using a combination of blogs, paid posts, organic posts, and a Twitter Q&A with the CEO, we built excitement in the lead up to the event, drove registration, and helped define the conversation about FOCUS in a way that reflected the new brand messaging.

During the event itself, LEWIS Pulse managed Intel’s live social posts and was responsible for the company’s on-site social wall, a giant interactive screen that combined Intel’s posts with curated user-generated content. This last part was made doubly complicated because of an unexpected hashtag hijacking by fans of pop star Arianna Grande who began adopting “#FOCUS15” to celebrate the release of her hit single “Focus” which just happened to coincide with Intel Security’s conference. Despite all this, the LEWIS Pulse team delivered a seamless immersive experience for the conference attendees to enjoy.

LEWIS Pulse also provided end-of-day and comprehensive reports to our client as well as a recap and social posts for consumers interested in Intel’s take on the conference that kept the buzz going long after the lights faded.

Program elements included:

  • Engaging influencers leading up to and during the conference
  • Covering the event using organic photo and video posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Spiceworks, Periscope, and Vine
  • Running banner ads on Spiceworks and Dark Reading
  • Managing paid and organic social promotions leading up to and during the event
  • Entertaining attendees with an Instagram-integrated photo station complete with event branding at the after party

Program results included:

  • Increased social media mentions by 19% over previous year
  • Nearly doubled social media impressions of event mentions over 2014
  • Achieved above average CTR for all persona-targeted LinkedIn ads
  • Met industry average engagement rate for all paid Twitter promotions
  • Nearly 2,000 clicks on Twitter App Card for the conference mobile app
  • More than 13,000 visits to Intel Security web properties

The 2015 FOCUS conference was a resounding success. Attendees were left delighted and clear about what Intel Security stands for and a new CEO was able to connect with an audience primed to welcome him as a strong thought leader in the security space—all due, in large part, to digital marketing efforts led by LEWIS Pulse.

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