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When ransomware attacks rose to prominence, LEWIS and Intermedia saw an opportunity to be a resource about the threat by sharing useful data points with customers, prospects, partners and media. LEWIS suggested a report detailing the rise and impact of ransomware as a threat to businesses that would examine the cost of ransomware, business downtime when infected, whether files are returned once the payment is made, and more. LEWIS and Intermedia developed compelling survey questions with the following goals in mind:

  • Findings that will remain relevant for at least 6 months
  • Fast project turnaround to fit it into their spring 2016 media campaign
  • Clearly defined media storylines with relevant data points
  • Procurement of ongoing tech and business coverage

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  • Analysis of data to identify key findings that resonate with customers, partners and press
  • Creation of multiple storylines based on key findings
  • Initial media outreach to top-tier tech and business outlets
  • Ongoing media campaign centered on ransomware, including proactive pitches and contributed content
  • Identifying opportunities to insert Intermedia’s research and point of view into coverage 


LEWIS secured 15+ pieces of coverage from the research and subsequent ransomware campaign, including articles in Entrepreneur, Forbes, SC Magazine and more. In additional to the survey statistics, many articles also included the key messages for Intermedia’s back-up and file sharing product, SecuriSync. The research also continues to gain attention nearly one year after being released.

Storylines created by LEWIS and stemming from the research included:

  • Ransomware Is A Repeat Offender: How To Protect Your Business
  • Is Paying Up the Only Response to Ransomware

Intermedia created a full report, a webpage and tip sheets with highlights from the research to support the campaign – all of which continues to be an asset to reporters.

  • Ransomware research and coverage drove 7,290 web traffic visits
  • Led to 180 Ransomware survey downloads
  • 60% of inbound SecuriSync leads were related to ransomware topics

“The LEWIS team identified a budding trend and developed a strategy for how Intermedia could insert itself at the forefront of the news event, long term. This campaign has resulted in coverage and media relationships that we hadn’t seen prior with the likes of Forbes and Entrepreneur. It has easily been our most successful campaign to date, and continues to drive PR coverage and organic interest and leads nearly a year later.”

- Melanie Lombardi, Sr. Communications Manager at Intermedia

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