Reboot Work

Maynard Webb is a Silicon Valley legend. He is the chairman (and was formerly the CEO) of LiveOps, a cloud based call center with a community of 20,000 agents, Chairman of the Board at Yahoo! and is a board member at

When Maynard was launching his new book 'Rebooting Work: Transform How You Work in the Age of Entrepreneurship’ a “how to” guide to excelling in today’s ever-changing workplace, Maynard asked LEWIS to promote it.
We performed research around trending business and workforce topics through to identifying key topic influencers. LEWIS delivered a truly integrated thought leadership campaign from blog outreach and broadcast interviews.
By all accounts, Maynard’s book was a huge success. It landed on six best-selling lists, including the New York Times. Articles related to the book appeared in more than 40 top-tier publications. 

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